Ulrike is an accomplished pattern designer and textile artist with nearly four decades of experience. She has designed and created hundreds of quilts, bags, fun soft toys, and occasionally clothes. Ulrike’s expertise in textile work ranges from Temari balls to rope baskets, and her work has been exhibited at the National Exhibition Centre, where she even showcased a textile garden bench.

Leveraging the recent advances in digital printing, Ulrike has collaborated with companies such as Spoonflower and Woven Monkey to offer her fabrics for sale. She has opened her shop on Contrado, enabling customers to purchase a range of items featuring her designs, including bags, luggage, and clothing.

However, her latest endeavour is her collaboration with Great British Jigsaws, where she has taken her pattern designing experience to the next level by creating jigsaw puzzles. Her unique perspective on patterns and attention to detail ensure that each puzzle piece interlocks perfectly, providing hours of entertainment for puzzle enthusiasts. Ulrike is thrilled to add jigsaw puzzles to her range of creations, combining her love of patterns and design with a new way to engage her audience.