Meet Emma Joustra, a talented artist and illustrator based in Stone, Staffordshire. For the past decade, Emma has been creating stunning house portraits that capture the essence of her clients’ homes and the people who live in them. Each commission tells a unique family story, incorporating hobbies, interests, pets, and everyday objects to create a truly personal piece of art.

In addition to her house portraits, Emma also creates workplace portraits that showcase the character and personality of businesses such as restaurants, pubs, offices, hospitals, and factories. Her attention to detail and ability to incorporate every little detail into her drawings make them stand out from traditional photographs and become a talking point when used for advertising in print and online publications.

Emma’s love for art began when she worked as an art director in advertising, bringing ideas to life with marker pens and drawing storyboards. She also spent a year making etchings, which helped her develop her unique style that blends traditional and digital techniques. Her drawings are sketched, inked, and then coloured with a digital pen, which allows clients to participate in the creative process and make changes and tweaks until they are completely satisfied.

Emma’s clients come from all walks of life, including personal, corporate, public bodies, and even the occasional celebrity. She values her clients’ privacy and is always discreet, never giving away any personal information. Her work has been licensed as jigsaws by WHSmith and Jumbo, and she has collaborated with Staffordshire-based Dunoon Ceramics to create fine china mugs featuring her beautiful illustrations.

Emma’s talent has also been recognised by several hospitals in North Staffordshire, where she has created large art installations in hospital wards and entrance halls. Her maps of towns highlight local culture, iconic features, and places of historical interest, making her a well-rounded artist with a keen eye for detail.

With each drawing taking between thirty to forty hours to finish, Emma’s passion for her craft shines through in every piece she creates. She is proud to call the Potteries her home and is committed to creating art that tells a story and brings joy to her clients’ lives.