23 04, 2023

LLP Photography

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Meet Lasse Lund Petersen, a retired dentist turned passionate photographer. His interest in photography was reignited during his time as a clinical photographer, and since then he has been capturing beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Based in Poynton, Cheshire, Lasse relies on Great British Jigsaw as his go-to supplier for puzzles. He shares his home with his wife, Jane, and their furry companion, Saga, who was named after a Norse [...]

23 04, 2023

Alastair Currill Photography

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Alastair is a passionate photographer based in the picturesque village of Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds. He founded Alastair Currill Photography in 2015, while studying Freelance Photography at Birmingham City University, and has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry since then. Alastair's photography business offers a wide range of photographic services, including commercial and wedding photography, and he also provides photography training. He discovered his love [...]

23 04, 2023

Andrew Scott Photography

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Andrew is a self-taught photographer based in Lincoln, UK, whose passion for capturing precious moments began with the arrival of his first daughter. He started off with a cheap compact camera but soon realised that he wanted to improve the quality of his photographs. He upgraded to a Nikon bridge camera and then borrowed a friend's DSLR which he found to be both complex and of higher quality. This [...]

23 04, 2023

Chris Dunn Illustration

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Chris is a full-time artist specialising in traditional children's book watercolor illustrations. He graduated with an illustration degree from Bath Spa University in 2008 and began his career as a freelance illustrator. Chris developed his skills by entering art competitions such as The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and the old Bath Art Prize, which he won in 2011. Chris uses Great British Jigsaws as his supplier of jigsaws. In [...]

23 04, 2023

Dan Santillo

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Great British Jigsaws is proud to work with Dan Santillo, a professional landscape and astrophotographer based in Neath, South Wales. With a passion for capturing the beauty of Gower and the Brecon Beacons, Dan's work is energetic and breathtaking. He is known to go above and beyond to get the perfect shot, including sitting on a hillside all night to photograph the stars or braving a -27 degree C [...]

23 04, 2023

Darren Galpin Photography

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Welcome to Great British Jigsaws, where you'll find the work of the talented Darren, a professional Fine Art & Stock Photographer based in South Yorkshire. Although he's known for his landscape and architectural photography, we think his real passion lies in jigsaws! Darren's stunning images have been widely published in magazines, books, calendars, websites, tourist brochures & map covers, but we're most excited about his jigsaw puzzles. With his [...]

23 04, 2023

Emma Joustra

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Meet Emma Joustra, a talented artist and illustrator based in Stone, Staffordshire. For the past decade, Emma has been creating stunning house portraits that capture the essence of her clients' homes and the people who live in them. Each commission tells a unique family story, incorporating hobbies, interests, pets, and everyday objects to create a truly personal piece of art. In addition to her house portraits, Emma also creates [...]

23 04, 2023

Raymond Dormer

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Great British Jigsaws proudly features the works of Raymond Dormer, a seasoned photographer who has been capturing stunning images for over 50 years. Raymond's love for photography began with film cameras, using a Zorki and a Zenith, handed down by his late father. With a light meter in hand, Raymond patiently waited for the results from the lab. In 1988, Raymond bought his first camera, a Minolta X300, and [...]

23 04, 2023

Jonathan Ellison Photography

2023-04-23T11:55:11+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Meet Jonathan Ellison, a landscape photographer based near Rivington in Lancashire, who uses Great British Jigsaws as supplier for quality jigsaw puzzles. With a love for Scotland, especially Perthshire, Jonathan captures the beauty of lochs and mountains that create breathtaking scenery. While landscape photography is his main passion, Jonathan continuously expands his knowledge and skills in other fields such as portrait, wildlife, and astro photography. He is always ready [...]

23 04, 2023

Liz Withey Photography

2023-04-23T11:34:51+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Liz Withey is a professional photographer hailing from North Lancashire with more than 20 years of experience in her field. Her love for photography began while she was a member of Preston Photographic Society, where she honed her darkroom processing skills before transitioning to digital media. Her current interests in photography include water and drone photography, as well as traditional landscapes. Apart from her passion for photography, Liz is also [...]

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