29 04, 2023

1st Large Order

2023-05-17T18:06:25+00:00By |Reviews|

I recently received my first order of Jigsaws from Great British Jigsaws, and I'm absolutely delighted. Each of the designs were an exact match of my original files and original paintings - the colours had wonderful depth, and the finest details were captured exactly. Having submitted my own designs for the boxes, these too were fabulous, and are certainly attracting customers!

20 03, 2023

Many thanks to Kathy, Jason and their team at Great British Jigsaws

2023-05-17T18:11:03+00:00By |Reviews|

Many thanks to Kathy and Jason and their team for the wonderful jigsaws! They provide a first-class customer service and professional design. When I received the jigsaws they had crisp accurate colours and fine detail, reproduced exactly from my file. The sturdy box was exactly as I’d hoped for too! When making one the pieces were well cut and fit together with a satisfying click or snick or whatever the [...]

10 02, 2023

Go to jigsaws – fabulous quality and customer service

2023-05-17T18:12:44+00:00By |Reviews|

Having had a similar experience to others regarding a missing piece (which was probably down to a hectic household and a dog that likes anything she shouldn't have!) I cannot praise the customer service enough. However, having read comments about the challenge presented by the jigsaws - to me that is what makes them interesting - looking for the smallest fleck or leaf or anything that differentiates each piece. The [...]

25 01, 2023

Replacement received due to missing piece – BRILLIANT SERVICE

2023-05-17T18:14:35+00:00By |Reviews|

I had purchased a jigsaw for my wife and she found a piece was missing. I contacted the company to ask if it would be possible to get the missing piece. I received a reply from Kathy (company director saying that while they couldn't supply the individual piece they would send a complete replacement. This arrived the next day. What fantastic service.

18 01, 2023

Brilliant product with impressive customer service

2023-05-17T18:16:22+00:00By |Reviews|

I recently completed a jigsaw manufactured by the Great British Jigsaw Company and got in touch with them regarding what I thought was a problem – a missing piece. In fact it wasn’t – it was my mistake and I found the piece, but I have high praise for the quick, personal, courteous, kind and humorous response from the company. They can be justly proud of the high standard of [...]

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