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23 04, 2023

Emma Joustra

2023-04-23T12:06:09+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Meet Emma Joustra, a talented artist and illustrator based in Stone, Staffordshire. For the past decade, Emma has been creating stunning house portraits that capture the essence of her clients' homes and the people who live in them. Each commission tells a unique family story, incorporating hobbies, interests, pets, and everyday objects to create a truly personal piece of art. In addition to her house portraits, Emma also creates [...]

23 04, 2023

Raymond Dormer

2023-04-23T12:01:11+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Great British Jigsaws proudly features the works of Raymond Dormer, a seasoned photographer who has been capturing stunning images for over 50 years. Raymond's love for photography began with film cameras, using a Zorki and a Zenith, handed down by his late father. With a light meter in hand, Raymond patiently waited for the results from the lab. In 1988, Raymond bought his first camera, a Minolta X300, and [...]

23 04, 2023

Jonathan Ellison Photography

2023-04-23T11:55:11+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Meet Jonathan Ellison, a landscape photographer based near Rivington in Lancashire, who uses Great British Jigsaws as supplier for quality jigsaw puzzles. With a love for Scotland, especially Perthshire, Jonathan captures the beauty of lochs and mountains that create breathtaking scenery. While landscape photography is his main passion, Jonathan continuously expands his knowledge and skills in other fields such as portrait, wildlife, and astro photography. He is always ready [...]

23 04, 2023

Liz Withey Photography

2023-04-23T11:34:51+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Liz Withey is a professional photographer hailing from North Lancashire with more than 20 years of experience in her field. Her love for photography began while she was a member of Preston Photographic Society, where she honed her darkroom processing skills before transitioning to digital media. Her current interests in photography include water and drone photography, as well as traditional landscapes. Apart from her passion for photography, Liz is also [...]

23 04, 2023

Paul Macro Photography

2023-04-23T11:25:05+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Meet Paul Macro, a talented photographer with a passion for capturing the unique moments of Norfolk's stunning landscapes. As a Norfolk native, Paul has spent his life exploring the unspoiled beaches and wide skies of the coast, which have become the backdrop for his beautiful photography. Thanks to his eye for detail and skill with a camera, Paul's photographs have gained recognition as one of the most recognisable representations [...]

23 04, 2023

Pieceful Maps – The original Map Jigsaws!

2023-04-23T11:17:39+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Do you love both exploring stunning National Parks and challenging yourself with jigsaw puzzles? If so, we've got an exciting combination for you! The Original Map Jigsaws that were done with Great British Jigsaws which cover all of the National Parks of the United Kingdom With OS mapping data, you can piece together whole regions, including breathtaking National Parks and the charming towns and cities that surround them. And when [...]

23 04, 2023


2023-04-23T11:02:33+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Ulrike is an accomplished pattern designer and textile artist with nearly four decades of experience. She has designed and created hundreds of quilts, bags, fun soft toys, and occasionally clothes. Ulrike's expertise in textile work ranges from Temari balls to rope baskets, and her work has been exhibited at the National Exhibition Centre, where she even showcased a textile garden bench. Leveraging the recent advances in digital printing, Ulrike [...]

22 04, 2023

Rosie Spooner Photography

2023-04-22T20:04:01+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Meet Rosie, the talented photographer and jigsaw maker who uses Great British Jigsaws to manufacture her puzzles for her business. Rosie's passion for photography began as a hobby, which flourished after she retired and had more time to focus on taking photos. Her love for the South West coast path is evident in her work, with seascapes being a large section of her portfolio. In 2013, Rosie produced her [...]

22 04, 2023

The Kilted Photographer

2023-04-22T18:47:14+00:00By |Partner Showcase|

Thomas, known as the Kilted Photographer, is a Falkirk-based photographer with a passion for capturing the natural beauty of Scotland. He first discovered his love for photography in 2015 when he purchased his first DSLR camera. Since then, he has been developing his skills and knowledge, combining his interests in photography, history, and culture to create "The Kilted Photographer". Thomas now shares his stunning images of Scotland with a [...]

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