Great British Jigsaws is an arm of The Calendar Company , formed when it became apparent that there was a real hunger for good quality British made jigsaws, and a significant lack of supply.

Great British JigsawsGreat British Jigsaws

The arrival of Coronavirus on our shores and the lock down that followed has inevitably seen people turning back to home entertainment. Jigsaws have become increasingly popular. Having only produced a few jigsaws for our customers in the past we decided to invest more of our energy into perfecting this product. After much quality checking, searching of materials and talks with fellow print and cutting specialists we now produce a jigsaw we are extremely proud of.

Our jigsaws are printed on 120gsm silk stock using an unique print system which allows for short run production with the feel of a traditionally mass produced litho printed jigsaw. The print has a subtle lustre seen on the most popular brands. It is then bonded to a 1.5mm luxury puzzle board and cut using traditional die cutting techniques.

Our finished 1000 piece jigsaw measures 69cm x 48cm and is supplied in a 33cm x 20cm box with a barcode, branding and full colour print to all sides. The image features in full on the lid.

The real USP of our product is that it is produced entirely in the UK. The vast majority of jigsaws you see on the shelves are produced in Europe and while they are also of excellent quality, we believe that in this post Brexit, mid-COVID climate, people want to buy British and support small businesses. Our photographers and artists have sold thousands of calendars and it’s not solely down to their fantastic skills. What also helps sell calendars and jigsaws is our exceptional quality, unique interest and complete UK production.

We have been able to produce this high quality product at a very competitive price. Due to the unique nature of the puzzles we produce and the specific appeal to local communities we have found they can demand a higher price point. Our customers so far have reported them being sold by retailers in shops for around £**, and are selling personally online for prices between £18 and £24. Jigsaws can be posted via Royal Mail and we can supply puzzle wraps to ensure they fit in their small parcel rate of £3.70 first class or £3.10 second class.

People love their towns, they love to support small businesses and they love to buy local. We have got that covered. Our jigsaws are proving to be popular, receiving excellent reviews. Because of the innovative method we use to print our jigsaws we are are able to offer short run productions of just 10 copies, but at the same excellent standard of mass produced puzzles. No other jigsaw producer in the UK can offer the same. 

If you are keen to produce your own jigsaw please get in touch. Our standard lead time is approximately 3 weeks.

The Calendar Company

The Calendar company was launched in 2007, producing high quality calendars for clubs, charities and fundraising societies. In 2014 our CEO, Jason Cornish saw there was a market for UK produced Local Calendars. Up to this point, local calendars were available but often poorer quality, printed in Europe, mass supplied and sold cheaply. His experience as a Photographer helped us build a large portfolio of landscape photographers who wanted to produce high quality calendars of their much loved towns and cities and sell them personally, cutting out the middle man and allowing photographers to see all the profits from the sales of their work. My Local Calendar was launched and we have since produced local calendars for over 100 photographers, many of whom cover several locations across the UK. Along with local calendars we also produce calendars for artists across the UK. With a discerning eye and attention to detail, our customers are always satisfied by the quality we produce.

Great British Jigsaws Key Facts

  • 1000 piece jigsaw measures 69 x 48 cm
  • Supplied in a 33x 20 cm box with barcode
  • Branding & full colour print to all sides
  • Photograph to box lid in full
  • Lustre finish onto 1.5mm luxury board
  • Royal Mail Small Parcel dimensions
  • Short runs of min 10 units!
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